Of Legitimate Destruction: Questioning Western Ontology in relation to the Ecological Crisis

  • Emeline Rétif Erasmus Mundus Masters Crossways in Cultural Narratives


This study explores the ideological premises that have legitimised ecologically unsustainable practices. Today, environmental policies and climate negotiations focus on techno-scientific solutions while neglecting the cultural origins of ecological issues. Hence, in this dissertation, my intention is to unveil what incentives have been promoting environmental overexploitation and have hindered resistance towards it. In order to do so, I investigate the constructed dualism between nature and humankind, and the emphasis on mastery and stewardship in the negotiation of Western identities. In addition, this research project focuses on how exploitative relationships have been naturalised and globalised by political and economic hegemony, among others, through the narratives of Capitalism and Developmentism. Finally, I investigate the controversy between the panacea of Green Capitalism and its pluriversal alternatives, promoting Sustainability and Social Justice.

Author Biography

Emeline Rétif, Erasmus Mundus Masters Crossways in Cultural Narratives